Wednesday, August 14, 2013

If you are feeling low, listen

Listen, Feel Good,  It is wonderful!


Paul said...

The judges have not a clue as to what the sublime words mean. Likely only one in a hundred LCMS Pastors would get it. Makes me sad to think about this...

Robert Portier said...


Anonymous said...

A Hispanic, a Korean, and a New Yorker walk onto a stage in front of a national TV audience and sing about the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. Paul, you and I both are tempted to despair by many things in this fallen world. Let us pray that the joy of the resurrection would dwell richly in us and in all who add their Amen to the beautiful strains of these gifted men.

Janis Williams said...

Oh - my - goodness.

I was just thinking about those self-same words the night before this was posted! Yes, Paul. The judges likely had not a clue. The crowd heard only the beauty of the voices I suppose.

This makes Susan Boyle look, well, almost mundane.

We can only pray many will desire to know what those beautifully sung words mean, and Jesus grants faith to many.

Mike Baker said...

Unfortunately, reports are that the middle singer had to drop off because of issues with his Visa.

Forte is going on in the competition with a new third member who is a prefessional opera singer from Dallas, TX. The performance with the staff change seems to be just as awe inspiring.

Good luck to all four of these talented men.

Unknown said...

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