Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How Can This Be?

I read online about incense from the Prinknash Abbey in Gloucester (read that England).  Anyway, I ordered some to try it out and behold it got here from Great Britain... in four days regular mail... YES, 4 DAYS!!!  REGULAR MAIL!!  What???  I cannot even get a letter to St. Louis (four hours away) in 4 days...  

"Suprise, suprise, suprise...." said Gomer.... (and no, I did not misspell it)...


Mrs.Bomberger said...

I am so glad my son pointed your blog out to me! I am never disappointed!
The only way this post could have been better would have been a Goober 'Shazamm!' preceding the Gomer 'Surprise.....'

God bless you!

ErnestO said...

Pastor Peters:

"It occurs to me that we will spend $20 million on the next Synodical Convention and who much of the time and words will be the meaningful words of a solid theological debate and how much the exchange of meaningless words?"

I have my mouth open and no words come forth - I will type but these questions to ask is this 20 million dollar amount true?

In your experience what percent of the theological debate of the Synodical Convention is meaningless words?