Sunday, March 12, 2023

Not an ideology. . .

It is pretty clear that what claims to be woke is not science or fact or truth but an ideology.  The phenomenon that appears to be recent is, in reality, not new at all.  It has its roots at least a hundred years ago and probably further back than that.  Although we did not begin hearing about it until 15-20 years ago, the whole mess is repackaged cultural Marxism.  What was once almost exclusively the domain of academia, eventually pervaded entertainment,, business, politics, and culture as effectively as it had taken the reins of education.  Wokism claims to pursue freedom from the oppressive institutions of white male hegemony but it is its own prison and oppression.  What claims to be liberating is actually a force for the destruction of anything and everything that came before it.  It is an ideology of deconstruction that has disruption as its primary agenda.  The joke of it all (which makes none of us laugh) is that it offers an illusion of progress in a world in which everyone matters, everyone's truth is honored, and everyone is guaranteed justice.  But it is a pseudo science that cannot deliver on its promise and masks its failure in the right of everyone to be angry in an endless supply of victims.

The tragedy is that well-meaning parents offer up their sons and daughters to the gods of education who have nothing but disdain for the views and values of the parents and who presume the right to turn our children against everything we stand for -- all the while we pay them for the privilege of being abused.  The whole educational enterprise in America is touched by this lie -- from the preschools that prepare our children to be liberated for diversity, equity, and justice to the universities that were once the only places you could find this ideology.  Then, in the midst of it all, we are told by these merchants of destruction that their reality is beyond real, their truth beyond truth, and their experience beyond history.  They make it out to be a battle of ideologies into which we Christians are merely frustrated and bitter because our ideology is no longer in vogue.  But that is the point.  Ours is not ideology.  Ours is not pseudo science.  Ours is not a relative truth that lives only in the half reality of an individual mind.  Ours is a faith that does not ask us to pin our future to an imagination but a reality of promise and fulfillment that is built upon history and fact.

Christians have to stop acting like all we have is an ideology -- no different from or better than any other ideology.  We do not have our truth to challenge their truth but the only real truth that ever did or could exist.  We give to the world not an improved feeling but fact, not a localized truth but a once for all truth, not an experience but a mystery once hidden and now revealed with power to rescue us to eternal life.  Reality is not what we choose but what has chosen us not for destruction but for life.  Where this starts is in the home as we teach our children well and build one another up in this hope.  But we are not given only the refuge of the home.  We stand our ground before the lies because we are armed not with an ideology but the only truth that matters.  We have evidence to support this reality and facts to provide us with a firm and objective foundation for our identity and for our lives.  This hope is not a mere matter of words to be said but transformative lives, manifesting an eternal righteousness right here in time.  But none of this will happen as long as we are content to live our lives in comparison to the world instead of Christ and His yesterday, today, and forever Word.  It may not seem like it is much in comparison to the woke captivity of our vaunted institutions, history, intellect, and truth but all we need to do to resist the lies is the truth.  God has promised that this Word of truth will not return empty but will accomplish His purpose -- even if we cannot see with our eyes any headway or chart any progress.  So stand up and stand firm.  What you struggle against is not flesh and blood but the demonic and yet one little Word can fell him.

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