Saturday, July 1, 2023

Now I am hungry. . .

When I am bored, I sometimes like to look on eBay.  You can buy anything on eBay and I have bought everything from an electric lift that goes 40 feet in the air to Stations of the Cross.  Vestments are available there and some of them are worth a look and a laugh and some, well, they are not even worth that.  Crocheted stoles, stoles made out of whimsical quilt fabric for a baby, and things not even as good as those.  I have always had trouble envisioning a pastor wearing such things.  No more.

Here is a priest with a sort of pallium made out of purple ribbon and Snickers candy bars.  Unlike some of the stuff that made queasy, this made me hungry.  In fact I could really do with a Snickers right now.

As far as vestments go, this is a new low even for Rome -- not always known for good taste among the vestments of the clergy.  Oops, I guess this is good taste or something like it, anyway.

Okay, clergy, just because you might, does not mean you ought.  I am fairly sure that he is a Roman priest without a wife or I am just as sure he would have heard about it at home later in the day.  Instead, it came off as cutesy.  Not exactly the stuff we should be doing in the context of God serving us with His gifts.  But I am still hungry.  Or, maybe this is just a commercial and he will morph into his real self after a bite.

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tdstorck said...

And we wonder why clergy aren't taken seriously.