Monday, March 11, 2024

LEGO model coming soon. . .

Having two different sizes of an unofficial LEGO set for Kramer Chapel of Concordia Theological Seminary, I was piqued by the idea that LEGO has announced a new architecture set for 2024: Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral.  Apparently LEGO is making an exception for producing religious and specifically Christian themed sets all to honor the reopening of Notre Dame after its devastating fire.

The nearly 4,400-piece set is ready to hit shelves on June 1 and will be priced at $229.99. The iconic landmark will be joining sets such as the Himeji Castle, the Taj Mahal, the Great Pyramid of Giza, but few or no actual religious sites.  The LEGO set will be released approximately six months before the expected reopening of the historic cathedral in Paris.  Of course, this has not stopped people from producing their own sets (as I have noted several times in this blog).

The Notre Dame Cathedral will also be the largest architecture set created by LEGO. Currently, the Taj Mahal and Himeji Castle are the largest with slightly over 2,000 pieces each. However, the new set is significantly smaller than several of the LEGO Icons such as the 9,000-piece Colosseum and 10,000-piece Eiffel Tower.

Recently LEGO has begun to release only one new architecture theme each year. In the past, multiple city skylines or famous landmarks would be released throughout a given year. Now, builders are focusing on recreating one iconic location at a time with an increased attention to detail.  At $230 you may want to start saving up your pennies now....

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