Thursday, May 20, 2010

Today 32 Years Ago

Thirty two years ago today I stood in the chancel waiting for the most beautiful woman in the world to walk down the aisle.  The processional hymn was "In Thee Is Gladness," the presider was the Rev. Charles Evanson, the vested deacon was the Rev. Gary Frank, and the setting was Redeemer Lutheran Church, Ft. Wayne, IN.  Following the Liturgy of the Word, vows were spoken and rings exchanged.  Then the congregation sang "Now Thank We All Our God."  We received the Sacrament of Holy Communion together as husband and wife for the first time.  And then we recessed to the Fellowship Room for a reception.

On that day I had no real idea what marriage was, what it meant to be husband to this woman, or for her to be wife to me.  I trusted her with everything, I valued her companionship as the best friend a person could have, I loved her as best I knew what love was, and I cared for her more than my life.  In 32 years of life together there have been many tests and trials, many joys and many sorrows, many moves and changes, but what has not changed is my belief that she was and is the best choice and decision I have ever made.  I know a bit more about what marriage is, what it means for me to be husband to her and for her to be wife to me.  I trust more than ever, I delight in being with her every moment, I love her more than life, and I care for her more than I ever knew I could care.  And that is what love is -- burdens shared, sorrows comforted, trials faced together, joys and laughter untold, honest conversation of the hardest things to speak, faith grounded and united in God, so that I cannot think of me without her... Thanks be to God for her and Happy Anniversary to my one and only beloved!


William Childress said...

Happy Anniversary

William Weedon said...

Hey! Happy anniversary to you both. We're four years behind you. This June will be 28.

Steve said...

Your last paragraph.....WOW.

First of all, what a blessing it is for God to have put someone in your life such as that. I would feel fairly comfortable in assuming by your description of marriage, she must feel the same. Either that, our you're in really big trouble! :0)~

What is REALLY interesting to me, is look back on your words in that paragraph. Now insert "God" in place your wife for a minute.......

Times up! Doesn't her patience, love, compassion and understanding sound a bit familiar? Doesn't your response to her acts sound familiar?

Looks like God provides us with someone here on earth reflective of himself in a way. Obviously not to take away from Him, but those same feelings and emotions we feel for others seem too familiar.

We know we love our Lord. What better way to honor Him as well in returning you thanks to him by loving that person he graciously gave you. I know you didn't do it all on your own. Some say it takes two. True, very true. As Chrsitian's, we know it takes three.

God's continued blessings to you both. What better way to return that thanks to him as well as showing others how it's done.

Thnak you for sharing that.

Fallhiker said...

Wow! was my first thought, then I relized that this November will be our 32nd Anniversery. Congratulations, May the next 32 be filled with many blessings that will pale those which occured in the first 32.

Past Elder said...

Happy Anniversary, Pastor!

Anonymous said...

A blessed anniversary!

And pass the same on to your wife!