Monday, September 13, 2010

A Visit from a Bishop

Sunday we had a special visitor to Grace Lutheran Church.  Bishop Andrew Gulle, Bishop of the East of Lake Victoria Diocese of the Lutheran Church of Tanzania, was in the US to attend the installation of The Rev. Matthew Harrison as President of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.  While here he had the opportunity to visit with some of those who partner with him and the ELVD in the work of the kingdom there.  As one of those partners, Bishop Gulle was with us Sunday to speak the benediction to us and, during the Bible study hour, to report what is happening in the ELVD.  We had a full room of folks listening and impressed with the character of this man and the good news of the growth of the kingdom especially among the Sukuma tribe.

For too many of us, mission is the face of a check written each month to District or Synod or some other place.  Sunday we had another face to put with that mission -- the face of a genuinely humble and noble man whose joy in the work of Christ spills out in everything he says.  Thank you, Bishop Gulle.

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