Tuesday, February 15, 2011

District Pastoral Conference Presenters and Topics

Being involved in the program of the fall District Pastoral Conference, I thought we had it down until the program for the spring conference was announced and it appears to duplicate what we had planned.  So back to the drawing board...

I would be interested in hearing from Pastors of the Synod as to who they have had as speakers, the topics addressed, and how helpful and engaging both the speakers and the topics...  Thanks for giving me a hand!


Anonymous said...

As one who has served on a steering
committee for Pastoral Conferences
the best source of presenters came
from our LCMS Seminaries.

Dr. Louis Brighton spoke on Revelation, Andrew Bartelt spoke
on Isaiah, Dean Wenthe spoke on
Psalms. It seems to me that solid
exegetical studies are always needed
by parish pastors to encourage their
own studies of the Word.

Anonymous said...

An additional comment about how
engaging the speakers listed above
were at the conferences.

All three had outlines distributed
and everyone was taking notes as
they spoke. Brighton is a very
compelling speaker who gets you
emotionally involved with his topic.
Bartelt has a sense of humor that
pokes fun at our culture and church
in a humble way.

Anonymous said...

Last year, Joel Beiermann (sp?) spoke on Third Use of the Law - it was great. The year before, a tag team of Larry Rast and David Schmitt about preaching, and it was good as well. This year in Texas, we have Jeff Gibbs on Matthew.

Rev. Kevin Jennings, in the Republic of Texas