Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Who came late to the party?

There are many who think that Evangelicals were slow to get on the anti-abortion bandwagon.  It is part of the cultural myth that abortion was never a core issue for Evangelicals until they were hijacked by the pro-life movement.

To say Evangelicals were latecomers to opposing abortion represents a selective reading of history, and a false one.  You can read the rest of this piece at First Things.  It is a good read. . . and it is but a review of a work that was designed to say just the opposite!

Pro-life is not a foreign position to Christianity.  It is the default position.  From earliest Christian times, the Christian witness has been one of reverence for life at all stages.  Certainly our own experience of the late 20th century only clarifies and brings our heritage to bear but it does not represent an alien point of view to Christianity in all its shapes and forms...

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John Joseph Flanagan said...

I am a Lutheran (LCMS) and have always been pro-life, also I consider this issue so important that I never vote for pro-abortion politicians of either major political party, nor do I support candidates who do not support traditional marriage. The abortion of 50 million American babies since Roe vs Wade has resulted in a holocaust of the worst order, and infanticide is the norm. Yet, politicians, primarily Democrats, like Obama, Clinton, many more, continue to have the support of millions of professing Christians who vote for these scoundrels despite their willingness to see little children made in God's image destroyed in the womb. Since 97 percent of abortions are statistically unwanted and destroyed for mere convenience and apart from incest, rape, or the mother's health, this crime cannot be supported by anyone calling themselves a Christian. Furthermore, the destruction of the unborn child for even rape or incest is not moral. The child resulting from these circumstances is innocent and not worthy of death. Yet, many Christians in our land who vote for this vicious political party and their candidates will continue to enter the voting booth each election, cast any Christian convictions aside, and pull the lever for those who have no pity, no remorse, no feelings for the unborn children.