Tuesday, April 11, 2023

A college packs up and leaves home. . .

With this memo now public, Concordia University Texas has said thanks but no thanks to the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod which owns the school and the Board of Regents and the administration have decided not to reverse their plan to become independent of the Synod not by formal request or bylaw process but by changing their official documents, including their incoporation.  I will withhold comment here but the memo certainly speaks volumes.


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Carl Vehse said...

This announcement from the CTX President about the breakaway decision by the Board of Regents (one of whom is the Texas District President) should have been expected, since "A joint statement from LCMS President Harrison and the Chairman of the LCMS Board of Directors about Concordia University Texas" gave no indication that CTX was doing something illegal.

Also, CTX is saturated in D.I.E. indoctrination. But then, so is the rest of the CUS system:

https://www.cuw.edu/about/offices/multicultural-en gagement/index.html
https://www.cuaa.edu/about/offices/multicultural-e ngagement/index.html
https://www.cuchicago.edu/concordia-experience/stu dent-services/multicultural-student-engagement/
https://www.cune.edu/concordia-difference/about-co ncordia/acts-2-commission (The Concordia University-Nebraska's Commission on Racial and Ethnic Diversity is now called the Acts 2 Commission.)