Friday, May 19, 2023

Parental abuse. . .

Though the issue of puberty blockers and surgical treatments on minor children is largely directed to the physicians and those who provide the so-called medical treatment to a psychological disease, the real culprits in this are the parents.  Parents are abusing their children just as significantly by adopting these experimental and detrimental treatments for their children as if they had beaten or raped them.  Let us be honest here.  There are supposed to be adults in the room when children are receiving medical care and dealing with psychological issues.  Apparently there are none.  The doctors and therapists who sanction such dysphoria and encourage such radical treatments at a young age are only part of it.  At the root of it all is the failure of the parents to be parents.

Perhaps none is as big a failure as the boy who was encouraged by his mother and supported by his family to be trans from age five.  You can all listen to the dysfunction in the family and the clear psychosis of the mother on the TLC show on Jennings’ life, I Am Jazz The show, now in its eighth season, has chronicled the life of a supposed success story, Jazz Jennings.  Instead, the show reveals the missteps and mistakes that have left the star with even more psychological ills to match the physique of botched treatment, surgeries, and trama.  Sure, the mom has gained fame and fortune from the program but the child, now an adult, is left with surgical scars that can never be repaired and the depression to go with it.  On top of it all, the poster child for trans treatments now has gained over 100 pounds -- another symptom of the psychological scars that have accompanied the transition.

Why is this program still on TV?  Why haven't the parents been arrested or held accountable for their terrible failures?  Why does the media still hype the trans phenomenon as if it were a string of success stories instead of multitude of very public failures?  A now famous clip from the TLC series has mom  Jeanette twisting Jazz's arm so that he will dilate his “neovagina” -- something that has to  be done every day for the rest of his life!  Men who undergo a penile inversion vaginoplasty must dilate the open wound  two hours a day up to two years following the surgery and then for less time every day for the rest of their lives or the wound will close and the opening shrink. 

The trauma from the puberty blockers and surgery and lifetime of dealing with it all is not the only trauma involved. A 25-year-old male United flight attendant who identified as a woman and then was featured in the airlines trans friendly ads took his own life recently.   “As I take my final breaths and exit this living earth, I would like to apologize to everyone I let down. I am so sorry I could not be better,” wrote “Kayleigh” Scott in an early morning social media post Monday.  This trans individual was as driven by fear of failing those who had championed the cause -- just like Jazz and his mother's push to promote the trans identity of her son brings with it feelings of guilt when it all goes bad.

When will we wake up and realize that this is the worst kind of parental failure, the worst kind of parental abuse, and the worst excuse for loving your child?  When will we make this kind of abuse criminal -- not only for the medical professionals who do it but for the parents whose approval is necessary before these abusive treatments are allowed for their children?

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