Thursday, May 4, 2023

Unholy Inquisitors. . .

Everyone has managed at least a half a smile when a reporter has somebody in that gotcha moment when the words and actions of a politician come back to bite them on the you know where.  We all love those investigative journalism reports about the corrupt or crooked end up with the guilty party in the hot seat in front of God and everybody.  That said, the media has taken on another role as part of its many roles and responsibilities.  They are the unholy inquisitors of those who might dare to violate or slip under the rug any opposition to the sacred truths of the day.  You know what I mean.

Being on the wrong side of abortion, reproductive technology, gender identity, racism, equity issues, and a host of other woke positions that have become the holy grail of righteous politics can kill your future.  Everyone knows this.  And it is not only your political future that is at stake here.  What is especially tempting is when the media find out you belong to a church that does not honor this holy grail with its allegiance -- over Scripture and tradition!  At that moment, the media presumes to be the modern day equivalent of the inquisition and the inquisitors whose job it is to ferret out those who are not true blue liberals.

Modern day politics has moved way past the days of old into a new day of suspicion and distrust.  It is not enough today to vote with the majority of your party, you must personally invest yourself into the radical positions of your most extreme members and stands.  In particular, you must decry and distance yourself from anything and everything that does not honor the god of the moment.  Good and evil have been clearly defined by the extremes of sexual identity and practice, by globalism and and free trade, and by climate and global warming.  In such an age church is not a benefit or even a neutral force -- it is the evil that must be renounced as condition for survival.

While all of this is true and worth noting, what remains my concern is the who.  Who invested the media with the grand power of the inquisition?  Who decided that they must sift ever public figure and tar and feather anyone and everyone who does not live up to their standards?  Who are these self-appointed watchdogs of progressive democracy?  Why must we bow down to them and to their standards of righteousness?  Why is their stridency to be honored and the loyalty to others makes them suspect?

The Facebooks and Mark Zuckerbergs of this world -- along with their own kind -- have decided that they must unearth every violator of the holy grail of politics.  And we let them!  Furthermore, we honor them for doing the unholy inquisition by disowning truth in favor of the view popular in the moment and we disassociate ourselves from any and every group which might challenge the thinking of the day.  If you are thinking who elected me to sit on my high horse, you have a point.  But who elected the media the guardians of the orthodoxy of progressivism, either? 

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