Monday, April 8, 2024

Curiously wrong. . .

Life in the 1960s and 1970s with its rebellion against the social mores of the day and its pursuit of absolute freedoms presumed that the ills that we were suffering had to do with repression.  It was the basic premise of the times that liberation from the oppressive and prudish views of the previous generations would bring happiness, contentment, and an improved life.  Depression, divorce, and repression of desire was thought to be killing us, literally.  The only hope for broken lives and marriages was liberation.

Well, how has that worked?  Pornography is rampant.  There is no stigma to divorce or cohabitation, every flavor of sexual desire and gender identity has gone mainstream.  So, logically, we would presume that the places in America where people are still suffering depression, thoughts of self-injury, and dying marriages and relationships would be in those Christian communities which still held onto the vestiges of the old repression.  Except that surveys tell us that Christian men and communities are generally happier, report better marriages, and more satisfaction with life than those with no Christian faith or identity.  So what happened?

The data supports the truth that faith is a force for good for those married, for the overall satisfaction of men and women with their lives, and for the welfare and well-being of children.  Researchers report that the men and women in America who attend church regularly are indeed significantly happier in their marriages and families, much less likely to end up divorced, and more satisfied with their lives overall.   How much so?  Well between 30-50% less likely to get divorced when compared to unchurched Americans.  Could it be that liberation unleashed unhealthy behaviors and fostered unhealthy attitudes which work against the happiness, stability, and satisfaction of marriage and the home?  Could it be that instead of reducing depression and suicidal thought, liberation has done just the opposite and increased these unhealthy feelings?  It will be a long time before you find the voices of liberals and progressives suggesting that this might be the case but that does not prevent us from looking at data which says exactly that.  Unleashing the demons within does not improve our lives.  It does not matter if you are Christian or not, turning off the filters, abandoning self-control, and indulging desire is likely to destroy more than it helps.  It is high time that the American elite who fuel such false ideas in educational institutions and especially in universities come face to face with reality.  Christian faith has helped the status of women, the stability of marriage, the overall happiness and satisfaction with life, and improved the state of parents and children in the home.  Period.

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Mabel said...

The problems of the world could all be solved if women did not seek higher education and work outside the home, and if our gay family members and friends were chased back into the closet. The glorified stories of women limited to activities within the home was largely confined to white, middle and upper class families. In 1919, the city of Greenville, SC, passed an ordinance that black women had to be employed in domestic positions for white people. The city government did not want black women, whose husbands earned enough to support their families, to be "loafing" at home, caring for their own children and cleaning their own houses, not the homes of others. Working class families in Victorian England needed two incomes to support them, so women worked in factories, in shops and in service in upper class homes. Most women were not June Cleaver, even if they would have liked to be. -Mabel