Saturday, April 13, 2024

Just as good. . .

In February of this year, a UK (United Kingdom) university hospital has claimed that milk produced by trans-women “is as good for babies” as biological women’s breast milk.  The Telegraph reported that a University of Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust’s (USHT) “letter to campaigners” noted that “after a combination of drugs,” trans-women’s milk is “comparable to that produced following the birth of a baby.”  Remember, these are trans-women — biological men — who must take the hormone progestin in order to develop milk-producing glands. Drugs such as domperidone (which can be prescribed for biological women who have difficulty breastfeeding) are then needed for lactation to begin.  Even the manufacturer of domperidone warns it “was not intended for this” and can cause heart issues in newborns. The obligatory drug leaflet warns domperidone “should be used during breastfeeding only if your physician considers this clearly necessary.”  In any case, the USHT believes domperidone is safe for trans-women, but says staff should, nonetheless, advise those using it of possible complications so they may weigh this against the benefits. 

Just as good.  Hmmmm.  I used to use the same phrase to offer my kids the store brand cereal, the dollar store chocolate, and the not designer label clothing.  They did not buy it then and I think the buyer ought to beware here.  What is behind this is not the quality of the milk but the satisfaction of a political agenda.  Over and over again the culturally elite and politically progressive are trying to convince you of that which you know is wrong.  Every version of marriage is just as good as traditional.  Every sexual orientation is just as good as the binary form of creation.  Every gender is just as good as the ones God created.  Every trans is just as good as the gender they are not.  Oddly enough, the same group is now replacing breast fed and breast milk with chest fed and chest milk.  Do you wonder why?  But no matter, what is best for the trans is good for the babies.  Or just as good, anyway.  Imagine this.  We are told to buy this line by the same people who say infants are not ready for cow's milk.  Talk about GMOs -- is there anything more artificial than a man's breast producing milk?  But that is the problem.  Any truth that serves the purpose of the LGBTQ+ agenda is truth enough to be called science.  Oh, and did I say it yet?  Follow the science.

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