Friday, June 25, 2010

Listening to the Augustana on the Occasion of Its Presentation

I received an email about a special program that begins today where you can HEAR the Augustana - one article will be read each day and you can get it all on Pastor Philip Hoppe's blog:  Meditations of My Heart.  Check it out...

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Janis Williams said...

Fr. Peters,

On another level, I am reminded of Rod Rosenbladt's story of coming into a parish and 'dumping' everything but the Divinee Service, Bible Study and one or two other service ministry oriented programs. He told complaining parishioners they could pick one service opportunity (ostensibly so it could be done well), and to come to Bible Study and Service.

Maybe the frenetic pace we seem to set ourselves cradle to grave is pandemic.

We all (and I include myself) need to reevaluate and pray over unnecessary meetings. I need to make being there when God has promised to 'show up' my priority.