Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Messy Business

Like the old quote about democracy being the worst possible form of government but it is the best we have come up with so far, the messy business of church conventions stretch the definition of both church and convention.  It is tedium as the endless speaking and amendments come and go.  It is boring as time is spent doing things that do not relate to the urgent business and as even the urgent business becomes old and tiresome.  It is long normally (and in this case even longer because of the restructuring business).  It is a messy business but in the end I am not sure what or how to replace it with something better.

As we wind down into the final day, we continue to pray for those elected, for resolutions passed but not yet carried out, for commissions formed, and for positions taken... as well as in thanksgiving for those who served, for the work of the past that brought us to this present day.

And we get the joy of knowing we will be doing this again in a couple of short years...  ah, well, this is an acquired taste (or is it distaste)...

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