Thursday, April 28, 2011

His Last Lecture but He Will Always Be a Teacher

The Rev. Dr. Paul Maier, son of the iconic Lutheran radio preacher and Seminary professor, Walter A. Maier, has, in many ways, eclipsed his own father's success.  Not that it was his intention!  His tenure at Western Michigan University will probably never be matched.  His esteem in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod extends to nearly all quarters of the Pastors and people of this church body that has elected him to the presidium for many years.  His skill as a teacher is legendary and has been known well here at Grace where has has taught and preached 5 times over the last ten years.  Most of all, he is such an engaging and warm personality whose genuine love for the Church, whose vast knowledge of history and archeology, and whose skill at communicating what he knows have and continue to be one of our church's crown jewels.  He has retired from WMU where he has taught since the 1960-1961 school year.

To read more, click the Detroit Free Press.  Blessings to you Paul, our friend and teacher always!!


Steve said...

Pastor P,
I remember when Dr. M came to our church and held his wonderful seminar on the external proofs for Christ's existence. I have five of his books on my shelf and I can't read them without hearing his voice in my ears. His encyclopedic knowledge was only surpassed by his warmth and happy smile. I sat near the front all day just so I could soak up all he was sharing. I'll never forget it.


Rev. Kevin Jennings said...

A lady in our congregation who had attended Western Michigan in the early sixties remembered a chaplain and professor from the university, who was the son of Walter Maier. I told her it was Paul.

When I saw him last summer at the convention, I told him of her fond remembrances of him in his early days at WMU. He laughed with his own memories and gave a hearty greeting to her, as well.

I've always enjoyed his lectures and expressed frustration at the History Channel and others when they don't interview a Paul Maier to refute much of their fallacious stories.