Thursday, April 28, 2011

I am a monarchist....

While it is hard to label my politics, the truth is I find democracy extremely messy and inefficient.  In my heart of hearts, I am a monarchist.  I long for the wise and faithful rule of a benevolent king or queen (but I would settle for another Duke like Frederick the Wise).  There are so many deep and pressing problems that face us -- as they have for many, many years -- and I often find myself perplexed at what is the best course.  Quite frequently, the course which I believe to be best is one voiced by none of the political parties or popular movements in our land.  I also begin to glaze over at the prospect of another Presidential race already begun and the hint of a billion dollar campaign.  I am not sure I can stomach it all -- two years of non-stop electioneering.  Ugh.  It seems to me that the Presidents we have loved most hardly campaigned and were more or less crowned at their inaugurations (for more liberal folks, FDR, and for conservatives, Ronald Reagan).  It seems also that the ones who fought the hardest and closest battles for the White House have the most tumultuous tenure there.  But what do I know.

I think that most Christians are at heart monarchists.  We live under the reign of an amazingly beneficent and gracious God whom we call both King and Lord.  What a comfort to know that our wise and loving God has a good and gracious will that is eternally disposed to us in Christ.  What a blessing to know that in the midst of things we cannot understand and through which we cannot find our way, our Lord sees, knows, leads, and guides us.  In this respect, it would be wonderful to have such a monarch on a throne who emulates even some of the Creator and Redeemer's most blessed characteristics and traits.  We could turn our attention to the things directly within our purview and leave the governing to the wise and benevolent divinely appointed ruler.  Ahhhh, I like the sound of that.

Alas, the problem is that monarchs are a mixed bag and many of them, perhaps even most of them, are not the shining stars that hide in my imagination.  Even in the history of Israel we remember only a handful of the better kings, even with their faults, failings, and foibles, and have largely forgotten the rest of them (for good reason).  So, maybe we would not be better off in practical terms.  But theoretically it would be good (complete with an established church... well, there are pitfalls to that, too, but that just slipped out).

So I guess you know what I will be watching on Friday when the heir we all hope to succeed Her Highness Elizabeth II marries (prayerfully for love and with deep commitment), Miss Middleton.  If nothing else, you simply must watch with me the pageantry of the marriage service and its attendant pomp and circumstance.  For no one does it better than the Brits!  And it has been years since the world gathered with them in one of Britain's largest cathedrals to celebrate the future of a monarchy now more tourist show than real ruling power.  Ahhh, another problem with monarchs today -- few of them do much but show off for the benefit of their people.  Then again, how is that different from many of our politicians?????


Dr.D said...

+Rowan Williams even had an intelligent comment to make regarding the wedding. That is surely a sign of the End Times when he starts making sense.

Pastor Boehringer said...

Long live the King!