Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Habitat Question....

Our congregation is looking to partner with Thrivent and do a Habitat build in our community.  The work of Habitat is well known and, in our case, would give good, positive publicity about our congregation.  Though we have been in this community of now 140K for fifty years, Lutherans and Roman Catholics tend to be somewhat invisible or live under the radar in the South.  We thought this might be a way to help raise the profile.  This would be a new build and we would be tackling this pretty much alone (but with Thrivent funding help).  If you have worked on a Thrivent build or have any good pointers as we begin this planning (toward a 2012 build), please let me know...


Anonymous said...

We scheduled our work for Saturdays
for about 2 to 3 months. The men
did the work and the women supplied
on site noon meals. It is important
to have sign ups for workers in
advance and for them to get subs if
they are unable at the last minute
to be there. The bonding of the
workers was more significant than
the publicity in the community. We
did it to help the community not for
any public relations boost.

Rev. Paul T. McCain said...

Larry, my sons and I participated in a project here in Saint Louis. It was a great experience. The "Habitat" people really know what they are doing. You don't even have to know how to use a hammer. You sign up, show up, and they put you to work doing whatever you can do. It is fun to work with a lot of people on the same project.