Saturday, July 7, 2012

KFUO New Director

As you may know I have had my own issues with KFUO -- both the programming on the AM station and the flawed decision to sell the FM station -- but it appears that we may be on the upswing with respect to our stewardship of the remaining asset.  Here is a short intro to the new Director, Rev. Rodney Zwonitzer.  I know nothing about him but believe the mere fact that a new director was appointed is a signal from our church body that this station has a more hopeful and useful future in service to the Gospel and to the Church.  We will wait and see!


Anonymous said...

The media impact days of the LCMS
are over. Gockel's "This is the Life
on TV and W.A. Maier and Oswald
Hoffmann "Lutheran Hour" on radio
across the nation are history.

The wattage of KFUO reaches only
metro St. Louis and that is hardly
going to impact the world.

Brian Yamabe said...

Pr. Zwonitzer was a marketing executive in his previous vocation. He's been a guest on Issues, Etc. and had a couple episodes discussing the problems with the "Church Growth Movement" in IE's previous incarnation (

Mary Ellyn said...

Pastor Zwonitzer is a confessional Lutheran. He helped start a very small confessional Lutheran church in Rochester Hills, MI (Lutheran of the Incarnate Word) which we belong to and was one of the pastors at Emmanuel Lutheran in Dearborn (with Pastor Joel Baseley) before going to KFUO.

He wrote a book on church growth "Testing the Claims of Church Growth"

Jerry Roseleip said...

Anon@1, We listen to KFUO online in Montana. It can impact the world with confessional Lutheranism and will. We look forward to the changes that Rev. Zwonitzer can implement as director.

Anonymous said...

Because of the Internet, AM and FM radio are not important to most people anymore. Anyone residing in the 1st world with decent Internet access at home or a cell phone with a data plan could care less about AM and FM radio. Media on demand is here to stay.

I have always been confused regarding the relationship between KFUO and The Lutheran Hour. How do the goals of both organizations complement one another. How do they work with other official LCMS Lutheran media groups and RSOs (official auxiliaries).

How are similar RSOs working together. Is it safe to suspect that such groups are in competition with one another. The National Youth Gathering versus Higher Things is one example of two RSOs competing against each other while sending out conflicting messages (Confessional Lutheranism versus Church Growth). One group appears redundant (NYG, of course!)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

With the KFUO FM radio station and Issues, Etc. gone, is Pastor Zwonitzer left to manage a stripped carcass? I am looking forward to KFUO became a more multimedia-friendly youth-oriented ministry. Perhaps it could partner with Higher Things?