Monday, February 16, 2015

Just down the road a piece. . .

TIME magazine reporter Elizabeth Dias wrote of another formerly-large church that has embraced “gay Christianity”. The church is GracePointe Church of Franklin, Tennessee. It is literally just down the road a piece from Clarksville and, of course, right in the heart of the Bible belt.

According to the article, the pastor, Stan Mitchell, likened the change to an "epiphany" from the Lord and seemed pretty proud of himself for having caught the divine wind of change.  Indeed, he has addressed this as a prophetic issue and a civil rights issue on the same level as the great cause led by Martin Luther King and the lightening rod events of Selma.  The video is here. . .

One blogger put it this wayThe move that Mitchell is making is not a heroic one. It is a cowardly one. It doesn’t cause true believers any trepidation. It deserves no applause. It merits no commendation. This is a moment of shame for this pastor, not a moment of acclaim.  

I believe she is absolutely correct.  This is not some heroic or prophetic stand.  It is cowardly and merely conforms to the prevailing mood of change with regard to sexuality and marriage that has overtaken all sense and sensibility in our land.  

Her pointed conclusion is worth sharing:  If you fear man, God will become small to you. The approval of fellow sinners will matter more to you than obeying God by the witness of his Word.

When we fear more the approval of others than to be commended before God by faithfulness, God is small and we are large.  It is the root of sin --- the desire to be larger than life and to bring God down to size.  Many have presumed that God is someone you can sit down and discuss things with and negotiate truth.  Jesus insists that this is the ultimate dead end.  "I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father except through me..."  When we exchange such fidelity with our own elevated opinions and selves, there can be only one conclusions -- we no longer seek to know the Father or come to Him and Jesus has ceased to be Savior and Redeemer and is merely a voice of inspiration (one among many).

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