Tuesday, February 17, 2015

We are not afraid of what archeology will find. . .

The exhibition is based on more than 100 cuneiform tablets, each no bigger than an adult's palm, that detail transactions and contracts between Judeans driven from, or convinced to move from, Jerusalem by King Nebuchadnezzar around 600 BC.  Archaeologists got their first chance to see the tablets -- acquired by a wealthy London-based Israeli collector -- barely two years ago. They were blown away.  "It was like hitting the jackpot," said Filip Vukosavovic, an expert in ancient Babylonia, Sumeria and Assyria who curated the exhibition at Jerusalem's Bible Lands Museum.  "We started reading the tablets and within minutes we were absolutely stunned. It fills in a critical gap in understanding of what was going on in the life of Judeans in Babylonia more than 2,500 years ago."  So begins a Reuters story about 2,500 year old Jewish tablets from the era when the Jews lived in exile in Babylon.

The story here is that there is no story.  In other words, what was not found was evidence to contradict the Biblical account.  What was found accords with the Scriptures and gives evidence to the names, places, and descriptions in the Bible of the time of exile during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar.

There are those who threaten us that the Biblical witness cannot stand up to scrutiny, that the historical record does not accord with the Biblical witness, and that archeology will undo our confidence in the Word of God.  Well, as Dr. Paul Maier loves to say, archeology is the best friend to the Bible.  The more we dig up and discover, the better the Bible looks under a scientific examination.

We are not afraid.  The truth can stand the test.  Scripture is reliable.


Anonymous said...

really does seem to me that the history of modern biblical criticism is a history of being wrong.

Ted Badje said...

I guess I have not read in depth on this, only on Fox. Pastor Peters, did the archeologists have some presuppositions they were trying to prove? I was wondering why you made the comments you did?