Friday, February 6, 2015

Singing the Psalms IS Praying the Psalms

I think you may recall my commendation of a Psalter edition published by Crossway and featuring the Psalms according to the ESV translation. . . now you can purchase a Psalter with Psalm tones and Psalm prayers and it is done in usual fine fashion by our own Concordia Publishing House.

I quote Chaplain Will Weedon's description of the book:
* The wording matches the ESV version that was used in Lutheran Service Book.
* Suggested Psalm tones are PRINTED before each Psalm (first a tone from LSB, second a newer tone but following the same three syllable pattern) and these tones "match" the thought of the words of the Psalm. Twenty-two tones are provided total, and some of the new ones are particularly fine (I think my favorite thus far is tone 8 (by Dr. Kosche).
* Longish Psalms are divided into parts for easier praying.
* Psalm prayers follow each Psalm (or part) that focus on a Christological understanding of what has just been prayed.
* Three charts for praying the Psalms are included in the front of the volume covering the Psalter either in a month or in a two-week period. 
* Two-part tones are not neglected (the book supplies six of them total), and no guessing if the two-part will come out even on a Psalm anymore: they are printed only on Psalms they actually work on!
 CPH has the book for order here. . . and a Sampler in PDF form here. . .

So whether you are looking for a Psalter for individual devotional use, for use in the pews, or for small group or family use, this is the book for you.  I am very impressed and I believe you will be also!


Unknown said...

It is good to pray the psalter, but the psalm tones in this book are absolutely wretched. LIttle to no musical value whatsoever. If a Lutheran really wants to pray the psalms, then I would recommend the Dunstan Plainsong Psalter (not modern English, but still familiar) or the Lutheran Brotherhood's Psalm Book. Both use Gregorian psalmody which is far superior than the garbage assembled in the Concordia Psalter. Chris

Anonymous said...

Another good devotional use: After praying/singing the Psalm, sing a hymn based on it. Like O Lord, Look Down From Heaven, Behold after Psalm 12; A Mighty Fortress, Psalm 46; My Soul, Now Bless Thy Maker, Psalm 103; etc. My favorite, only in ELH, is the Norwegian hymn As After the Water-Brooks Panteth, Psalm 42/43. -- ELS Pastor Jerry Gernander