Friday, April 17, 2015

Many stiches, much work, God's glory. . .

When we moved into our newer building (2001) we had nice kneeling cushions at the altar rail.  They were well constructed and worked fine.  But they were dull.  A woman in my parish, herself a widow of a pastor, decided that the Lord deserved better.  She worked out designs, printed them on patterns, enlisted volunteers to stitch out the millions of stitches it took, and even found donors to fund the purchase of all the thread.  That was years ago.  Every now and then she would trot out the progress for folks to see.  Some people dropped out and new people tried it out and her faithful core stuck it out for year after year.  And then they were complete!!

On Palm Sunday/Sunday of the Passion we set them apart to the Lord.  For His greater glory the artist and her artisans labored and now they lie waiting the many whose knees will rest on them as they feast upon the body and blood of Christ.  In a few minutes of Scripture, versicle and response, and prayer, it was all finished.  Years came to fruit in a few moments and the first folks came to kneel upon these precious gifts to the Lord and to His house.

I had hardly anything to do with it.  I watched, doubting perhaps that I would be here to see it complete, and
proven wrong by the faithful.  So, Carol, here's to you.  You led the doubters who did not think it could be done and the naysayers who thought it foolish to begin and brought us all to our knees -- for the greater glory of God.  My hat is off to you.  I have learned not to doubt the resolve of a woman on a mission.  So there they lay -- a testament to vision, to artistry, to artisans, and to faithfulness.  The cushions surely glorify God but I just wonder if the laborers and their faithful work are not greater causes for Gods' glory!  Would that we had more of them -- determined, faithful, persistent, and resolute.  Thanks be to God!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Thanks be to God, indeed!

bob allen said...

Carol- beautiful, you made a beautiful church even more attractive

Bob Allen