Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Worst in a string of bads. . .

Gene Veith has written of the newly published work of archaeologist Simcha Jacobovici entitled   The Lost Gospel: Decoding the Ancient Text that Reveals Jesus’ Marriage to Mary the Magdalene.  He also notes that The Los Angeles Times called it perhaps the worst book ever written about Jesus.  If true that would be saying something since there are so many bad books about Jesus.  In fact, we find ourselves victims of so many bad books about Jesus that it is hard to find time to note or refute the exaggerated, invented, and extrapolated lies about Jesus that are paraded as if they had as much truth and legitimacy as the the words of the Scriptures.  And it is a sad truth that too many Christians are so ambivalent or uncertain about the Word of God that they are distracted and beguiled by such fanciful works of fiction acting as if they were established fact.  So, every year about Easter time we must undergo innumerable specials on TV about Jesus that spend as much time on suggestion as Scripture and we must endure new books published to undermine and deceive us from the truth once and everywhere believed to the imagination of authors who have but one purpose in mind -- to sell books and make money!

Read what Anthony Le Donne wrote:  Here are some of the claims that Simcha Jacobovici and Barrie Wilson make: (1) a 6th century text that never once refers to Jesus or Mary Magdalene is secretly about Jesus, Mary, and their children; (2) the character “Joseph” named in this text represents Jesus, Apollo, Helios, Mithras, and a Roman emperor simultaneously; (3) Mary Magdalene was not Jewish and was, moreover, a priestess of Artemis; (4) when Jesus refers to the Queen of Sheba (Matt 12:42), he is speaking of Mary in code; (5) Jesus — not a peasant, but a powerful figure in the world of Roman politics — was the victim of not one but two assassination attempts, both of which he survived; (6) the Roman general Germanicus was the second threat to Jesus, but a Roman prefect named Sejanus saved him, Mary, and their children; and (7) the wine of the Last Supper symbolized Mary’s menstrual blood. As you will see below, this is only a small sampling of this book’s originality.

I will leave it to others to spend their time debunking the invention from the history -- too much to do and too little time.  What I will say is this, what is the matter with Christians who are so easily undone from the truth of God's Word by the fanciful imaginings of so-called academics or experts?  Wake up and smell the roses, people of God.  Turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to everyone of those purveyors of lies.  They will stop writing and their works will stop being published when the money dries up -- WE hold the key.  If WE stop purchasing these things, talking about them, giving them undo credibility, etc... they will disappear.  The money train is the reason for all of this -- and fifteen minutes of notoriety!  Don't ask your pastor about the books or read the books.  Read the Scriptures and ask your pastor about the Word of God.  It will be salutary for you and for him and it will strengthen your faith.  Why do we pay good money to be insulted by the manufactured stories of authors whose only intent is to destroy the truth?  Why do we always make ourselves out to be April fools?  They are not joking but their science is a joke, just like the creative interpretation which begins with a conclusion.  Christians, do not be fooled!

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