Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rad Trad

I think perhaps I finally figured out who I am.  On another blog, one comment (about 100 down the list) insisted that the only ones who delight in liturgical language that is purposefully archaic are the "rad trads."  Hmmmm.  I like the sound of it.  I am a radical traditionalist in a world of traditional radicals.  It is just a shame it took me nearly two thirds of my life to finally hit on a definition of who I am.  Better late than never, I guess.  Rad Trad. 

Perhaps I can get tee shirts made.  Maybe I can sell some paraphernalia on this blog to finance my looming retirement (given that Medicare and Social Security are in such tough shape).  Who wants to buy one?


Paul said...

You're in good company, with angels and archangels and all the company oof heaven:)

Rev. Allen Bergstrazer said...

Just don't get a Rad Trat Tat.

Anonymous said...

"Radical traditionalist" is just as much an oxymoron as "a blend of traditional and contemporary worship"!
Peace and Joy!
George A. Marquart

Anonymous said...

If you do get a Rad Trat Tat, go with Luther's Rose.

Rev. Allen Bergstrazer said...

Sorry, reverting back to my native tongue of dyslexia; should have read 'Rad Tra(d)Tat.' I crack myself up.