Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Thoughts on Bullying

Having met a few bullies on the school yard growing up, I am not unsympathetic toward those who are the victims of some bullies physical prowess or hurtful attempt at humor at someone else's expense.  Still in all, I am not convinced that we can find an answer amid all the talk and programs aimed at stopping bullying.  Interesting, that the government is getting into the business of stopping bullies at the very same time it is in danger of becoming one.

We have seen the explosion of proposed restrictions on everything from circumcision to soda or sugary drinks, from McD's burgers and fries to smoking, what kind of building you can build on your own property to when you can fly a flag and where, from having health insurance to how much medical treatment should be provided to "lost causes."  Bullies are always right, intimidate by threat, and control and manipulate by fear.  Hmmmmm.  It seems that some within our government are acting like the very bullies they decry.

Christians already know that the Law does work as a long term strategy -- it is highly effective on the short term but guilt wears off and fear eventually melts away and the constraints of the Law loosen up.  How much better if we are convinced that the things being required of us are actually good for us -- good enough for us to go after without the enforcement mechanisms of guilt, shame, and punishment.  But you will not find much Gospel amid all the regulations being written to define how we must live our lives...  There is a paradox there!  The very same people who insist that no one religion must benefit stand as bullies in the public square making sure that the only religions which can speak are those who echo the bully's own viewpoint.

It is not that the causes are bad, but the means to an end is turning out to be highly damaging on the fragile state of liberty and freedom in a land where such are nearly worshiped as the most sacred of the holy grails.  Every now and then I wonder if we are not a greater danger to our freedom than the enemies outside us... now that is a very profound and profoundly Christian thought.  Guess that means it will not be tolerated at the altar of public welfare in the church of political correctness.... Oh, well, lost another one....

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