Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Where do you think you are going dressed like that?

Found this on the, where else, internet:

Below is the modesty Dress Code enforced for entry into Saint Peter's Basilica.

The dress code forbids:

  • hats for lay men inside the basilica
  • shorts/skirts above the knees
  • sleeveless shirts
  • shirts exposing the navel
  • shirts for women that expose cleavage
  • shirts which contain profanity
  • excessive jewelry
  • The use of mobile phones is also prohibited, as is smoking.
In my lowly layman's opinion, this same dress code should be printed out and posted on the door of every Catholic Church on earth...the immodest clothing displayed on Sunday mornings is over the limit.

The sad thing is that people (especially mothers) used to have a cultured sense of decency. Nowadays this has been lost so that grown men and women see nothing wrong with entering a church half clad. The solution is not to judge and shame others but to bring about a re-education on what is modest and appropriate.

It ain't about false modesty.  It ain't about expensive clothing.  It ain't about good taste or lack thereof.  It is about humble modesty which shows both respect and a willingness to let the attention focus upon the Lord and not upon yourself.  Some of you will try to make me out a snob or a prude or even a high brow (who me?) but I say your matter of dress should reflect the attitude of the heart.  Trouble is, it usually does -- in the wrong way.  The Church is the one place where if you got or not, don't flaunt it.  'Nuff said....  


Janis Williams said...

My mother always used to ask if I'd wear 'that' to meet the president of the US....

Carl Vehse said...

Some girls have worn flip-flops to the Bush White House.

But then so has this guy.

Anonymous said...

Your article also explains why Lutheran pastors wear a unique, yet formal uniform.

Mark said...

Carl's comment, though not directly addressing the matter of dress in church does raise a wrinkle to the question of what is appropriate.

A Northwestern University lacrosse team wearing flip-flops to the White House? Not appropriate. The Dali Lama wearing the same sort of footwear? Completely appropriate. In fact, what else would he wear?

Somehow in the equation of what constitutes appropriate dress, the culture of the person or place being visited is not the only factor. The culture of the person who is making the visit is also a factor.

So, for instance, one might image that the ban on laymen wearing hats inside St Peter's Basilica would not apply to devout Jews who are not Rabbis or Muslims who are not clerics.

As Spock would say, "Fascinating."

Anonymous said...

Disgust at flip-flops is definitely a generational thing. I personally don't see what the big deal is. Moses wore sandals and took them off. Some people would be offended by that.

Much rather flip-flops on feet than backside in bed.