Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Talk about doing ceremonial things unceremoniously!

This is Lutheran Bishop Sue Johnson (in chasuble) and Fred Hiltz, Anglican primate of Canada. Seems like the "Spirit of Vatican II" has spread to our separated brethren!

or here again in case that was not enough...

HT to Dr. John Stephenson for alerting me to this great breakthrough.  What a shame more of us cannot walz our way past doctrinal differences, structural barriers, and liturgical iodosyncracies, and sexual distinctions just to all get along.... one two three four... one two three four... one two three four...  BTW this is liturgical dance on steriods (missing only the flesh colored body suits!).


tubbs said...

Is there a German word, or perhaps a French word, for the embarassment one feels for another when the other is making such a fool of themselves? I'm looking for a word or expression like "vicarious humiliation."

I'll spare myself the pain and skip watching these videos.

Janis Williams said...


I KNOW I saw the Golden Calf down near the front on the left! And was that a prophet of Baal on stage?