Saturday, August 18, 2012

Explosive Amish Growth!

The Amish are one of the fastest-growing religious groups in North America, according to a new census by researchers at Ohio State University.

The Amish double their population about every 22 years, said Joseph Donnermeyer, the Ohio State professor who led the census project as part of the recent 2010 U.S. Religion Census. The skyward growth has made Ohio home to more than 60,000 Amish residents -- the most in any state. Pennsylvania ranks second with about 59,000 Amish people. Indiana ranks third with about 45,000.

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Any guesses as to why?  Well, they are having kids.  Lots of them.  And raising them in their faith.  And most of them, nearly all of them, are remaining with that faith.

Any lesson here?  If Lutherans are not growing, you might take note of the fact that we are having fewer children and we are aging.  In some parishes, there are few women of childbearing age.  And we are not raising our children in the faith.  So they are not sticking with it.  This ain't rocket science, folks!


David Gray said...

Luther was right, birth control is an abomination. When will the modern church repent?

El said...
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David Gray said...

Why are the rebels so often badly educated?

Anonymous said...


Amish cult.

They are a sect at worst.

E must hate pacifist organic farmers. You wouldn't want too many pacifists or organic farmers. They could bring down the whole country!!!!!

Wake up people!!! The pacifists and organic farmers are hiding out and waiting for their moment to, uh, um, well, something!!!!!!!!!!

paranoid much, E?

Anonymous said...

IMO, we do not do enough to teach our children the theology of our church and why it's important to stay with it.
The Catholic church does a good job of keeping people in their church. How many times do you see a Catholic and a Lutheran marry and they all go to the Catholic church?
When churches turn into "feel good" churches and shy away from the theology, people will church hop, looking for that good feeling instead of what's rock solid.
Just my opinion from what I see.

Paul said...

I wonder what the average number of children of LCMS clergy is today vs. 50 or 100 years ago. Any idea?

Anonymous said...

Hostility toward obtaining an education beyond 8th grade has always limited the Amish impact on our society. It is best that the Amish remain on the farm. Economically, the Amish are on a par with migrant Mexican workers. Can the Amish afford to buy additional farmland to accommodate their growing population?

Amish culture and religion remain inseparable. During WW 1, LCMS Lutherans lost the "culture" part of their religion by dumping the German language and subsequently abandoning the writings of ancient Lutheran theologians. The nail in the coffin was retiring the 1941 hymnal in the 1980s. When so many LCMS congregations imitate the non-denominational churches, what is left of Lutheran "identity?"

Getting married should be a requirement for becoming an LCMS pastor. Clergy having as many children as possible should also be encouraged. The LCMS needs to set the example. Synod should provide 100% tuition-free seminary for future LCMS pastors and free college for all of their future kids.