Friday, February 7, 2014

Well, that's different...

The UN Committee on the Rights of a Child has issued a scathing critique of the Roman Catholic Church's handling of priests who had sex with minors.  Big surprise there.  A little late, maybe, but hardly a shock.  The big stories here are old and the record shows that the Roman Catholic Church has clearly gotten the message.  Benedict XVI was responsible for a huge number of cases that removed offending priests (though no one gives him much credit at all).

But that is not the big story. . .

The big story is that a committee charged with protecting the rights of children goes on in the conclusions of its report to castigate the Roman Catholic Church for its condemnation of abortion, birth control, and homosexuality, AND insists that the RCC promote gender equality and stop teaching that adolescents should not have sex.

Huh?!?!?  How is the first condemnation of the RCC dealing with priests having sex with minors consistent with the final recommendations that the RCC change its teaching?  How is the promotion of abortion consistent with a committee charged with protecting children?  How does unlimited access to free birth control benefit children?  How does the adoption of the GLBT agenda (with its consequent allowance for sexual relationships between any and all who desire them) benefit children?  How does encouraging gender equality benefit children?  How does the encouragement to adolescents to have active sex lives benefit children?

Without defending at all the terrible offense and scandal of priests abusing their offices and engaging in any kind of sexual behavior with minors, how is this much different from the millions upon millions of unborn routinely aborted each year by people who feel children are an imposition, burden, or undesirable aspect of their lives?  How is the scandal of the RCC any different from the encouragement of children to act upon their sexual desires without constraint and without consideration of the emotional, spiritual, and physical consequences?

Such is the black hole of liberalism that loves to criticize someone who disagrees with them and point out their foibles and failings but at the same time is blind to the abusive and tragic consequences of its own moral emptiness...  Nothing new here but the same old lies and deception by those who consider themselves protectors of children.  Shocking!

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