Monday, June 27, 2016

Some Swiss Chard. . .

Or make that Swiss weird! 

Heaven forbid that we might ask a Christian to come and bless the opening of a tunnel.  Nope, that might be too, well, religious.  So, left to the committee on observing the opening of civic projects, subcategory tunnel, why not take an ancient legend and bring it to life?  Lets observe the world's longest and deepest tunnel by creating a drama starring the devil and a goat.  Weird, yes.  Typical of a culture unfriendly to Christianity but seemingly open to anything else, yup.  Oh, well, who can call the Swiss dull now!  They are anything but boring here.  Makes you wonder why old John Calvin might think about it all?!  I did notice that there were no representatives from the Swiss papal guards.  Maybe they had already used up their travel budget. 

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