Tuesday, November 1, 2016

When is murder not murder. . .

If someone advocated killing Blacks to limit the number of Blacks in our population, what would be your response?  If someone suggested that parents could be allowed to kill their children if they decided they no longer wanted to be parents, would you accept their right to kill an 8 year old or a 12 year old?  If someone suggested that collateral damage on the battlefield did not matter and it was okay to kill hundreds of innocents to get the one guilty, would you accept this reasoning?

Of course not.  None of us would accept targeting any group for death.  Not in America.  None of us would accept the murder of school children by anyone, not even their parents.   Not in America.  None of us would accept the morality of many innocents killed by "friendly fire" even if the most horrible and destructive war criminal would be killed.  Not in America.  That is why so many are against the death penalty -- because of the idea that an innocent party might be killed and there would be no way to right such a terrible wrong.  That is the American way, right?

Yet the reality is that one party in America believes that it is okay that the number of aborted Black children is far disproportionate to their numbers in the general population in America.  There are riots against isolated police shootings of what some call "innocent" victims but no outcry for the places in America where the numbers of aborted Black babies outnumbers those born in those cities!

The reality is that almost 60 Million little boys and girls have been legally murdered in the name of choice since 1973.  One political party suggests that that this is such a good thing, the government should be paying for them directly.  What some once said should be safe, legal, and rare now is promoted as safe, legal, and free.

The reality is the killing of innocent people on the battlefield that we cannot abide happens every day in America -- hundreds each day who die for no cause except their mothers do not want them.  Add to this the fact that these babies who could survive are being ripped from the womb and either left to die or mercilessly killed in late terms abortions - a practice against which most Americans are united in their opposition but not a certain political party.

The reality is that we fear the ultimate punishment of death for criminals in part or in great measure because we fear the innocent one who may be unfairly and unjustly convicted.  Yet for the few each year who might be innocently put to death by the government for crimes in which they have been found guilty, more than 1.25 Million innocent babies are put to death for being guilty of living.

If Scripture will not convince, if the sacredness of life will not discourage, then let the inconsistent morality of the pro-life cause be exposed and the political ambitions of those who not only support this right but desire to expand it be thwarted by those who vote against our culture of death.

I could have written something uplifting for All Saints' Day but I can think of no cause more urgent and no issue more compelling as abortion -- especially in view of the fact that in a week or so Americans will be casting ballots for a President, Senators, Congressmen, and elect many others to office.  We may not be able to vote for the choices in front us but we can vote against what has become the stain upon American exceptionalism.  Vote Pro-Life!


John Joseph Flanagan said...

I agree totally. Abortion is infanticide, and the millions of unborn children who have perished in the womb should bring tears to our eyes and a resolve to end this evil in our land. The political party behind abortion is the Democratic Party, and no Christian should overlook or dismiss this position, which is entrenched in their platform.

ErnestO said...

I would think one test for a man who has a baby scheduled for an abortion should first and last be to seek and ask forgiveness from your baby - if that is not forthcoming truly your course of action should be LIFE for your child.

Cliff said...

Great article and as a Canadian I commend you for making this strong pro-life statement. It is a voice that is needed in our mainline, orthodox churches. There is somewhat of a similar and powerful message given by a Father Lankeit from St Simons & Jude in Phoenix Arizona.
We need many more pastors, Priest speaking this from the pulpit.

Thanks Pastor Peters, and God Bless!