Monday, October 31, 2016

A sweet Luther. . .

It seems that the statue of Martin Luther that graced the meeting of the Pope and Lutherans in Rome was made of chocolate.  What does this mean?

Were they hoping that a chocolate Luther would be more likely to melt in the presence of a hot and heavy Pope?

Could it have been the sweet Luther was there to balance out the sour and bitter Luther of 500 years ago?

Do you suppose they were trying to face up to the Forest Gump Luther whose chocolates hide the fact that you never know what you are going to get with him?

Maybe they were trying to make Francis hungry enough to want to set table with the Lutherans and share THE meal?

We all know Luther got too close to the dinner plate (look at the statue of him).  Perhaps Francis has a sweet tooth as well and his, shall we say, plus size cassock may have been a secret plan to entice him to munch down on Luther a bit.

Life is better with chocolate.  I would say we are all a little better off for Luther as well.  Though I am certain that there are many who could not or would not say that.

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