Friday, February 22, 2019

Something to look forward to. . .

In the technology support department at the Vatican Museums, Villanova University student Justin Myers is spending a semester creating virtual tours of galleries, part of a larger project to make the museums accessible to everyone.

While the Vatican Museums website has some tours already available for individual parts of the museum, such as the Sistine Chapel, a seamless virtual walk-through tour is in the works, according to Myers, who has been developing and editing tours for nearly four months.

The idea is to create something that joins all the separate rooms together “so you can virtually walk through the entire museum,” said the 20-year-old computer science student from St. Peter Parish in Olney, Maryland.

“Almost all the rooms are done now that I’m finishing up my projects for the semester. Now we just have to link it all together, but that’s a huge project,” he told Catholic News Service Dec. 13.

The Vatican houses all sorts of treasures that too many of us never see.  Now perhaps we have a chance to visit without actually going there. . .

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Joanne said...

May I suggest the Virtueller Rundgang at the St. Lorenz website at Nuremberg. As you know, the Lutheran churches at Nuremberg never experienced the cleansing wrath of the iconoclasts. And, the Lutheran Reformation there was very conserving. This electronic Rundgang is particularly well developed giving one the sense of wandering through the whole interior at leisure:

There is no need to go all they way to Rome to see so many beautiful things. And, when you've exhausted yourself at St. Lorenz, you can go over the the St. Sebaldus website and see mehr und mehr.