Sunday, February 3, 2019

Ooops. . . missed a milestone

I have not been paying attention to the stats on this meager endeavor of a blog and so I missed it when the counter went passed 3 million visitors (actually that is not quite correct since the counter was not installed at the time the blog was begun so I am guessing it is a couple of hundred thousand visitors behind).  Anyway, there is no way of counting the cross posting that I know takes place on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc...  So, this is my awkward way of acknowledging the many folks who find my words interesting or who just tune in to see who comments and to say thank you.  It has been and continues to be a somewhat fun hobby for a fellow who does not have too many of them.  Even though many others have shuttered their blogs over the years, I guess I will plod on in being cantankerous, curmudgeonly, and crusty (which is not that hard for me, really).  So if you view to complain or contradict or if you view to agree and assent, thanks for reading.  God bless you.... Carry on.


ginnie said...

Thank you for continuing your insights--I love to share them. Very helpful.

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog! While other more-publicized Lutheran blogs rarely mention the LCMS and read like Lutherans commenting on daily Fox News political stories (yawn), Rev. Peters's blog keeps the discussion on theology, ecumenism, liturgy, history, culture, art, and the direction of the LCMS. Part of the fun is trying to guess who all the anonymous posters are. Another part of the fun is realizing that this "hobby" is evangelism in disguise. Most Lutherans stumbling across this blog initially think, "What's with the Lutheran pastor that can't stop gushing about the Roman Catholic church? Does he want to join it?" And then you realize he is talking nonstop about Rome to be winsome to Roman Catholic and Orthodox and Anglican and liturgical Christians in general. Look at confessional Lutheranism, he says. See that we, too, are part of the great liturgical and patristic and catholic tradition of the West. Our doctrine is from Scripture alone, expounded upon by the ecumenical councils, Iranaeus, John of Damascus, Gregory of Nazianzus, Cyril, Augustine, Ambrose, Luther, and Chemnitz. Rev. Peters is not unlike a Lutheran C.S. Lewis.