Thursday, April 7, 2022

An attack on women. . .

I have long wondered when the tension between feminism and the transgendered "woman" would come to a head.  It seems that the conflicts are only in the beginning stages of being recognized.  It may take more time than I had thought before the real issues between the freed woman of feminist ideal and the invented woman of feeling and identity will surface.  By then, it will be too late.  By that time, gender identity will become so entrenched in our culture and accepted as true that even feminism will have to surrender its cause to something alien to what it means to be a woman.

Proponents of the myth of transgenderism insist that there is a greater reality than biology, that every individual has the right to decide if their bodies are the right body for their felt identity.  In the past, this conflict between the body and the feeling was a disorder, traditionally defined as gender dysphoria.  In a relative short period of time, not only has this become standard and routine but it has become the duty of every person to first decide if God or nature got it right with the body assigned to you and the right to do whatever is needed to change that body. 

The reality is that recent years have shown the number of biological females who suffer gender dysphoria and wish to transition has sky-rocketed -- some two to three times that of males. You can arrange for a surgeon to remove your breasts and reproductive organs after you have been taking hormones (courtesy of your local Planned Parenthood) so that your body reflects your felt identity. You now can use the men’s bathroom and the men’s locker room, but your body will remain forever defined as it began -- because of your immutable XX female-design cellular matter. Feminism insisted that being a woman is not merely a matter of having breasts and a vagina -- reproduction must not be allowed to define a woman.  Transgenderism was listening and followed that logic to its extreme conclusion.  If part of the essential feminine genius which defines you as a women -- that allows you to carry life within your womb --  is permanently destroyed, what else is there to being a woman?

On the other hand, if you are a male who identifies as a woman, you may also have implants to give you breasts and hormones to combat the testosterone your XY body produces, but, of course, you will never have a uterus or conceive a child or carry that child to term or deliver a baby.  But do not worry, the powers that be long ago said this was not the essence or even an important aspect of the feminine self.  You can dress like a female, use female bathrooms and locker rooms (even if you still have a penis), and, if you choose, you may participate in sports as a woman.  But you will always be biologically different from women --  larger, stronger, and faster than a biological woman because, even with those suppression drugs and hormone therapy, your larger skeleton, heart, lungs, and fast-twitch muscles from your immutable XY male-designed cellular matter cannot be changed. 

In both cases, more than threat to men or masculinity, these are attacks upon what it means to be a woman.  Feminism laid the groundwork for this by disdaining the reproductive role of the feminine and now what was done cannot be undone.  In all of this, women are the victims -- whether in sports or jobs or equality.  In fact, most everyone knows more about what it means to be a man -- even if that is marked as something toxic -- than what it means to be a woman.  To be a woman, apparently, has become nothing more than a feeling.  That is what happens when you separate the body from the identity and the function inherent in that body -- reproduction -- from that identity.  Women are suffering more than ever but they are victims of their own success.  They are not incubators, they do not need men, they are not about a uterus or breasts or a vagina.  Alas, they are a feeling and even a body with a penis can hold that feeling.

Women need to wake up.  Men can never become women.  Women can never become men.  If someone feels that he or she has been given the “wrong body” by nature or God, it is not the body that must be changed but that faulty, errant, perception.  It is the great deception and lie and woman need to wake up because they are suffering from this deception even more than men -- although men are suffering from it as well.  It is the ultimate misogyny!

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Carl Vehse said...

CUW Prof. Gregory Schulz was interviewed on April 6th by author Jon Harris in a YouTube video, "Lutheran Professor Locked out of Classroom for Opposing Social Justice?" Here are a couple of statements by Prof. Schulz from the 50-minute interview that relate to the leftist transgenderism push, even for children.

"The president of the United States is expressing his support for therapy and for surgical alteration of underage children who don't think they are the sex they are biologically. This is mythology to put it mildly. People are describing it as madness, but I think it's about time we use the right term - it's demonic! This is exactly the rage that you would expect from Satan against God's good and redeemed creation. That's what's going on here. And as I say, it's not based on history; it's based on Marxist mythology."

"I don't think there is any foundation for wokism or social justice. There is an appetite for anarchy but there is no foundation. There's no rational foundation. There's no emotional foundation. There's nothing but manipulation and chaos. And that's why I say it's a demonic character."