Thursday, August 20, 2009

Forever 18... or Stuck at Senior Prom

There are a couple of great posts on the adolescent culture in which we live... I think they are worth sharing... here on the day before there were teenagers (and everyone wanted to be one)... here on a Pastor's blog on the adolescent subculture... but I just gotta share the six characteristics of adolescents and our adolescent subculture gone wild... Read the list and think about the modern day world in which we live...

1. Demand of instant gratification leading to lack of commitment (marriage, church, whatever)
2. Absence of long-term thinking (What do you want to do when you grow up, if ever?)
3. Motivated by feeling rather than truth. (It feels right to me.)
4. Wanting grown up things without being grown up. (Sex, shacking up, BMWs)

5. Expecting bailouts rather than accepting consequences. (Hmmm. Sound familiar?)
6. Focusing on appearance rather than depth. (Can you say plastic surgery?)

Ouch... it hurts when the critique is spot on...

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Janis Williams said...

Pastor, glad to find out Cwirla has a blog via yours!

Love your (I assume they're yours) parenthetical comments.

The solution of CHALLENGE is, I believe correct. The problem is that there are so many 'adult' adolescents. They don't accept challenge in the same way teens do....

How do we throw down the gauntlet to them?