Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Lutheran Study Bible

The Lutheran Study Bible... now some folks are wondering what that means. Does every church body or tradition have its own take on things in the Bible? Should Methodists only use the Methodist Study Bible... and Roman Catholics their Study Bible... etc. Let me diffuse some of the confusion.

Lutherans do not have their own version of the Bible. We are not a sect or a cult. We do not slant Scripture to fit our theological interpretations. This Lutheran Study Bible does not Lutheranize Scripture or define it according to what Lutherans believe, teach, and confess. What is Lutheran about this Study Bible is that it has drawn deeply at the well of faithful Lutheran scholars and teachers -- including Luther himself -- to bring out what Scripture says. Period. What Scripture has always said. What Scripture still says. What Scripture will always say.

Unlike another so called Lutheran Study Bible published by a Lutheran body recently in the news, this one, the one published by Concordia, does not change Biblical teaching to fit cultural and philosophical trends, say, about homosexuality. Whenever someone does this, then Scripture becomes a tool toward an agenda foreign and antagonistic to Scripture's purpose and message.

The Lutheran Study Bible produced by Concordia has been developed from the ground-up with notes that are distinctively Lutheran, prepared by Lutheran contributors from over twenty Lutheran church bodies. Current Lutheran scholarship, insights from the Church Fathers, and rich devotional commentary provide meaningful perspective for both young and mature Christians. All to show and highlight Scripture's one story, one message, and one goal -- to make known the salvation that God has accomplished through His Son Jesus Christ, who suffered, died, and rose again to restore to Him what was lost to Him by sin and death.

So don't buy this study Bible if you are looking for a Lutheran Bible. Purchase this study Bible if you are looking for Scripture honestly treated, faithfully interpreted, and carefully preserved so that it may speak with its own voice, as it has over time, the saving message of Jesus Christ.


Rev. Paul T. McCain said...

Well, put, Pastor Peters. Very, very...very well said. Thanks.

John said...

Thank you, Pastor Peters for your fine description of The Lutheran Study Bible. I have been talking it up at the ELS congregation of which I am a member.

I am going to email this post to a number of folks.

God bless!!