Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Certain Sadness

Two Roman priests were among the passengers on the plane I took yesterday.  One of them an elderly priest in rumpled coat, pants, clericals, and pub cap.  The other in his early 30s wearing a dapper suit and vest.  Both spent their time waiting for the plane by reading in their breviary.

In the past they might have been the occasion of great affection, deference, and attention.  Because of the tremendous media focus and public awareness of the sex scandals, I found them to represent a certain sadness in me.  Both were gracious, courteous, and gave a good public face to the Church but there was a certain distance there that I can only explain in terms of the scandal.  And this is what made me so very sad.  Sad indeed, that the abhorrent behavior of such a few could affect so many -- and I do not mean to minimize the terrible nature of their crimes, but to admit that among them as victims we must also those faithful priests who do their work, fulfill God's bidding, and carry out the priestly ministry faithfully, laudably, and honorably... but still under a cloud. Yes, it is sad.

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Past Elder said...

What is sad is that a man should abandon life to the wholly unnatural conditions, both unnatural to Man and to God, that the Roman Church, still in its Babylonian Captivity, imposes on the office of holy ministry.pince