Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Return to Normalcy

As much as I love the Lenten, Holy Week, and Easter services, I am relieved that they are over and we can return to a more normal pace of life.  We added a Lenten Compline on Mondays (still debating if this will continue), and the popularity of the Thursday Eucharist were added to the schedule this year.  The Mid-Week services of Evening Prayer focused upon the hymns of the catechism (they will be posted here sometime soon).  On the Easter Vigil we baptized 7 candidates (from a few months old to a teenager to one in his 60s) and we had about a hundred in attendance (close to double the ordinary attendance and a much more difficult number to deal with for this service with its movement and imagery).  On Easter Sunday we found nearly 500 people here with well more than half of them at the middle service; it was so crowded that the distribution took much longer than anticipated (dictating the need to review this procedure before next year).

So I will get back to being my rather irascible self again (oh boy are you looking forward to that?!) and get back to a more predictable routine of posting.... I hope and pray that each of you had a blessed and joyous Easter celebration and that the joy of our Lord's resurrection may carry with you in all the days to come...

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