Friday, April 30, 2010

Favorite Anthems

If I had a cd of the anthems of our parish choir, it would surely include some of the following anthems (alas, I have found them on YouTube done not by them but by others, yet the example speaks of the character both of the Cantor's musical judgment and the choir's accomplishment)...

If Ye Love My, Keep My Commandments by Wilby

Stay With Us by Hovland

 Beautiful Savior by Christiansen

The Lord Is My Shepherd by Rutter

Before the Marvel of this Night by Schalk

Joy to the Heart by Scott

Enough for this post . . . 


Steve said...

I hope the link works below... :o/

The text of "My Song is Love Unkown" certainly captures the reverence and humility of a Christian heart. I know in our hymnal, they have it filed under Lent. It's certainly a hymn that I think needs more exposure. The words are just incredible and humbling to say the least.

Steve said...

How can we have just one? There are so many.....

Jerusalem the Golden is a wonderful hymn as well. It certainly builds the anticipation we as Christian have in living with our Lord forever in His kingdom.

"I know not, oh I know not what joys await us there - What radiancy of glory, what bliss beyond compare.......Jesus, in mercy bring us to that dear land of rest!"

What better words of comfort, peace and joy we share in our hearts knowing that undeserved gift is ours now. Our gift of salvation and everlasting life we will have living in the mansion he has prepared for us.

What a wonderful reminder too that worldly struggles and pain are temporary. Perhaps we spend to much time worrying on the not so importatant. And having that promise of our reward as child of God makes those problems - not so big afterall.