Saturday, July 23, 2011

Some News on Abortion

It seems that the Missouri governor has allowed a more restrictive abortion bill to become law without his signature... a sign of the continuing small steps that advance the cause of the unborn...

While surveying a few things, I ran across this oddity:

A 1940 U.S. law that protects not only the bald eagle, but the bald eagle’s egg.
“If we can see that destroying a bald eagle’s egg is just as bad as destroying a bald eagle, why can’t we see the same thing when it comes to human life?” Father Pacholczyk asked.
Hmmmmm.... Strange there that we accord the egg with the same sacredness as the eagle but when it comes to human life we differently... is it that the eagle is more valuable or more noble or more fragile than humanity?  Perhaps this is merely one more way that the absurdity of pro-choice flies in the face of every ordinary value we apply to life.  Neuhaus was correct in saying that the liberals who fought against segregation should have been pro-life as well.  It is the great paradox that those who speak most passionately for the protection of species in the environment speak so indifferently to the value of human life (in or outside the womb)...

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Anonymous said...

Richard John Neuhaus (1935-2009) was
correct about several things:
His inner-city ministry in New York
as a young pastor out of St. Louis
Sem, his book on pastoral theology, his rejection of LCMS President
Preus' handling of the Seminex mess,
his rejection of ELCA allowance of
gay clergy and his fight against