Sunday, April 8, 2012

The good tired...

There is bad tired and good tired -- the stuff that steals from you and leaves nothing left and the stuff that steals from you but fills you in return so that even in your tired and weariness you rejoice.  After the last service on Easter, with the last remaining echos of Widor's Toccata in the nave, while lilies still smell fresh, and there is enough disorder to hint at the wonderful chaos of three big festival services... I am left tired and worn out but with a smile on my face. 

It was not the people, or the choir, or the brass, or the setting but the promise of the Gospel in which our astonishment is met with the calm joy of the angel:  just as He said!  Let His Word be enough for me amid the words and actions of doubt, disruption, and death.  It is enough because Christ said it... and He has done it, just as He said -- the suffering, the cross, the death, the grave, and the resurrection!

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