Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Missing something???? Maybe Jesus????

How can you speak Easter without the cross... that is what we were talking about on Palm Sunday... about the great temptation to by-pass Good Friday and jump directly to Easter's happy joy.  Well, leave it to Presiding Bishop Shori of the Episcopal Church to skip not only Good Friday but Jesus in particular.  How can you bring Easter greetings without the name of Jesus?  Listen and you will find out....


Irenaeus said...

Having watched the video, I am now checking under my seat for the SICK BAG. Obviously, this is no Easter message. How could it ever be when Shori herself has publicly denied that Jesus is the ONLY way of salvation?! But, "putting the best construction on everything," this video may well suffice for the ECUSA's shameless promotion of their "new green gospel" and be appropriate for their highest of feast days, "Earth Day."

Mark said...

I'm particularly intrigued by a blog post from a young Episcopalian priest who critiques his own Presiding Bishop's message by making word clouds of what she had to say in comparison with a handful of others. It is interesting to see how comedian Ricky Gervais, an atheist, manages to mention "God," "Christian," and "hope" more than Jefferts-Schori.

The post is here:

Andrew Smith said...

She does realize Japan is in the northern hemisphere, right?

Anonymous said...

Of course.

The liberal definition of Church has been redefined to mean "Social Justice Rallying Center."

According to liberal Christians, religion is a "nice" thing to have, but it is no longer needed in the 21st century Church.

~Cafeteria Lutheran