Sunday, April 22, 2012

World Malaria Day.... Lutheran Malaria Initiative...

1 million people die each year from Malaria

What We Do

The most effective methods currently being used to control malaria include proper diagnosis and prompt medical treatment, proper use of insecticide-treated bed nets and indoor residual spraying. To be successful these strategies require education about malaria and how to prevent and treat it. The Lutheran Malaria Initiative works through local partners to educate families on malaria, increase access to treatment, and provide prevention tools such as bed nets.


LMI educates families on the causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention of malaria.


Increasing access to affordable medical care and resources for malaria prevention.


LMI provides treated bed nets to families and trains them on their proper use.

Where We Help

We work in communities where we already have strong relationships, such as those with our Lutheran partner churches and other local, community organizations. These long-standing partnerships make the ideal platform for introducing malaria programming. Already, the work of the Lutheran Malaria Initiative is making an impact. To date, LMI has reached 2.4 million people through malaria projects in Tanzania, Mali, Uganda, and Kenya. With increased funding, LMI will expand to Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Madagascar, Nigeria, Guinea, Niger and Ghana.

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