Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Good Guys Wear Black

I wish I had come up with this name for my blog.  Someone else did and it is dead on. We seem to have replaced not only a theology and worship practice but a wardrobe as well.  So in place of the usual black clerical shirt and dark suit or cassock, we have polos and khakis, jeans and an untucked long sleeve shirt with the sleeves rolled up and unbuttoned three or four buttons down the front, messy hair purposefully arranged as such, the so-called faux hawk, and, of course, the obligatory five o'clock shadow of whiskers (a beard not yet come or on its way out, I cannot tell for sure).

In the midst of all of this, I was at an event where a young girl insisted upon sitting next to me for the meal -- she wanted to be near the Pastor, the man in black.  All I am saying is that you cannot go wrong with basic black and small hint of white at the collar or the all white ring I wear.  It simply shouts "church, faith, faithfulness..." 

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