Thursday, November 8, 2012

The laws we pass. . .

At the end of September, California passed a law making it illegal for licensed therapists to counsel minors away from same-sex attraction. It is designed to prohibit therapies that seek to change the sexual orientation of the patient -- never mind that the patient, a minor, may not be sure what his or her sexual orientation is at this stage of their lives.  Therapists are not only prevented from the more radical and controversial “conversation therapies;” they are also barred from helping patients reduce feelings of same-sex attraction at all.  While the law does not apply to clergy, but it does apply to all forms of licensed mental health workers, including social workers and counselors. There is no exemption for therapists for religious conviction nor is there any room for dissent.

In Alabama and Wyoming, voters approved measures to amend their state constitution to prohibit people from being compelled to participate in Obamacare.  Arkansas and Oregon voted down more liberal marijuana laws.

In Colorado and Washington measures to amend the state constitution to legalize and regulate the production, possession and distribution of marijuana for people age 21 and older passed.  Medical marijuana was approved in Massachusetts.

Maine repealed a previous state law banning same-sex marriage and Maryland passed laws allowing same sex marriage.

Minnesota became the first state to reject a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage though it is still illegal by statute.

Massachusetts narrowly defeated a law legalizing physician assisted suicide.

Among other things, the trend is clearly set toward laws that legalize marriage rules formerly changed by judicial process and the liberalization of laws on marijuana use. Even where more restrictive laws were upheld, the margins were not very high.  Another go around and they will probably fall.

I will leave it to others to comment further but the undercurrent of this election reflects a changed electorate and changed values -- ones that are more and more in conflict with orthodox Christianity.


Ted Badje said...

This has become a more secular society. It is almost Stalinist by its hostility to religion. I noticed by the political map of the US that most blue (Pro-Obama) areas were in urban areas. Doesn't this present opportunities in ministry for the cities, especially for young people looking for jobs, a home in a metro area?

Anonymous said...

This is called criminalizing non criminal behavior.