Saturday, March 15, 2014

Too many choices. . .

I have written before about the empty vanity of self-identity and our delight in using these invented categories as the way we see ourselves.  You might have thought gay or straight might have been enough but then came GLBT as an additional subset.  But as if that were not enough, no less than Facebook has entered the fray and come up with a stunning series of options (no less than 58!) of ways you can self-identify on their social media.  It seems as if the promise of Scripture is true -- from two can the many!  If you can make any sense of this, explain it to me.  Could it be that we are so self-absorbed that we really think like this?  As they say, if it is on the internet Facebook it must be true!

    Agender                           Androgyne                    Androgynous
    Bigender                             Cis                                            Cisgender
    Cis Female                          Cis Male                                   Cis Man                              Cis Woman
    Cisgender Female                Cisgender Male                          Cisgender Man
    Cisgender Woman                Female to Male                           FTM
    Gender Fluid                        Gender Nonconforming               Gender Questioning
    Gender Variant                     Genderqueer                               Intersex
    Male to Female                    MTF                                           Neither
    Neutrois                               Non-binary                                 Other
    Pangender Trans                   Trans*                                        Trans Female
    Trans* Female                      Trans Male                                  Trans* Male
    Trans Man                            Trans* Man                                 Trans Person
    Trans* Person                       Trans Woman                              Trans* Woman
    Transfeminine                        Transgender                                 Transgender Female
    Transgender Male                 Transgender Man                         Transgender Person
    Transgender Woman             Transmasculine                             Transsexual
    Transsexual Female               Transsexual Male                         Transsexual Man
    Transsexual Person                Transsexual Woman                     Two-Spirit

Was't it C.S. Lewis who said that when the focus turns from God all we that is left to us is sex?  

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