Saturday, November 29, 2014

An Honest Librarian

I have in the neighborhood of 10,000 books (and growing).  I will admit that I find it nearly impossible to throw away a book.  I have books I wish I did not have.  I have books that I wish I had read (and may still).  I have books I wish I had not read (regret without contrition).  I have books that I use to look up things but will never read.  I have books that think I should read (but it is growing less likely each year that I will).  I have books I have read once and that was enough.  And I have books I re-read.  Anyway, the visual fits me better than I care to admit.


Anonymous said...

Ah, I can relate!! I had a huge number of books until (yet another) move about 18 months ago forced me to cut down on the number just to avoid shipping costs. Since that time, I have re-acquired many of the books discarded at that time, and between my wife and myself, we are up to several thousand books again. When people come into our family room, they are often amazed at the number of books there, but that does not show all the books in my study.

I find that, if I get rid of a book, I will have an urgent need for that particular book within a month. And preferably for that exact copy of the book, because it has my margin notes, etc.

My children quake at the thought of going through my books when I am gone!

Fr. D+
Anglican Priest

Nancy said...

Pretty much describes my library of approximately 2500.